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The Surprising Benefits of Health of Sex

Sex is one of the most pleasurable activities that human beings get involved in. Sex has lots of health benefits like lowering the risk of heart attacks, cancer, and decreases the stress levels. Sex also helps in facilitating the bond between couples and helps in enhancing the intimacy between couples.

The physical affection between couples helps in reducing anxiety and boosting the overall health. It also helps the individuals to sleep better and have a robust immune system. This read talks about the surprising benefits of sex.

Boosts the Immune System

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Regular sex helps individuals in boosting their immune system. Research has shown that people who have sex on a regular basis do not suffer from the opportunistic infections like common cold and flu. This is because whenever you have sex, the ability of the body to create antibodies against the viruses and bacteria is enhanced.

When the body produces antibodies against the germs, viruses, and bacteria, the individual will rarely suffer from the opportunistic infections. Other than sex, a healthy immune system is built by eating a balanced diet, exercising, and having adequate rest.

Boost Libido

One of the problems that many couples experience especially in later years is decreased libido. Research has however shown that one of the ways of dealing with this issue is by having more sex. You will regularly boost your desire of having sex by periodically having intercourse. One of the problems that many women face is the vaginal dryness and pain.

These issues can be resolved by having intercourse on a regular basis. Regular sex will help in boosting libido in women as it will enhance the blood flow to the vagina and the lubrication of the vagina. It will also make the various tissues and muscles to expand and relax with ease thus making the sexual activity pleasurable.

Bladder Control

Sex is recommended as it helps the women to have better control of their bladder. Women typically face problems with their bladder after delivery because the various organs undergo much pressure when the women are expectant.

This is why it is always recommended that such women take part in the kegels as it helps in strengthening and toning the pelvic muscles. Women who have strong pelvic muscles rarely suffer from accidental urine leaks.

Lowers Blood Pressure

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Last but not least, frequent sex helps individuals in reducing the blood pressure. Research has shown that sexual intercourse helps in lowering the systolic blood pressure.

It is, however, important to note that the sex sessions should not substitute the medications for the high blood pressure.





Benefits of Physical Intimacy in Marriage

Physical intimacy is critical in couples as it helps in fostering affection, love, and closeness between couples. Physical intimacy is one crucial area that binds couples and assists in resolving the issues between the couples. It helps in building a secure connection between couples and helps in getting rid of the negativity that exists between the couples.

During the physical intimacy, a hormone called oxytocin is secreted which creates a sense of companionship and trust between couples. Being intimate with your spouse is not just about having sexual intercourse. This read talks about the advantages of physical intimacy in marriage.

Expression of Love

naked man and woman One of the benefits of physical intimacy in marriage is that it is an expression of love between the couples. It is critical for the couples to exercise physical intimacy because it helps them to express love to one another. Many marriages typically fail because the relationships lack physical affection and sexual chemistry.

The intimate time that the couples spend together is usually satisfying and thrilling and helps in the secretion of the dopamine and oxytocin hormone. When these hormones are secreted, an individual will trust and feel happy when he is with the partner.

Reduces Stress

Another benefit of physical intimacy is that it helps in the management of stress. One of the things that physical intimacy does is that it reduces the blood pressure and thus the stress responses in the brain are also reduced.

Physical intimacy is not just about sex as research has revealed that gestures such as the holding of hands and hugging trigger the release of the oxytocin hormones which helps in managing stress.

Builds Trust

Relationships and marriages are built on trust. Trust is not a onetime thing as it needs time for people to trust one another completely. Physical intimacy helps the partners to understand each other.

When they get to the point of following one another, they will begin trusting one another. Just like the different feelings that the human beings experience, trust is usually established as a result of secreting the oxytocin hormone. Trust is a critical aspect of every relationship.

Improved Intimacy outside the Bedroom

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Many marriages fail because the individuals are only able to express their love to their partners inside the bedroom. Intimacy is something that should be shown outside the bedroom as well.

Couples who are closer together will connect better to one another. Walking arm by arm, cuddling, and kissing are some of the ways that the individuals can express their love to one another when they are outside the bedroom.…